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My Story

My Story

I did exactly what I was told my whole life.


I did exactly what society taught me.


And when I had my trauma with losing my only child, my son, Quinn


None of it was f'n true at all.

I was lost and had to blaze my own path.

I no longer had an identity and had to find my own way.

The guidebook/handbook I was given of how to live and be a good person didn't work.

The story I was given about how friends and family should be there for you during the darkest of times didn't happen.

Strange, I know......but starting from Quinn's memorial service I was always thinking of how others could learn from my experience.

In a nutshell, I am an optimist in everything I do and fiercely passionate about what I know.


Unafraid to say what I'm thinking if asked, loyal to anyone who comes into my life and have a great sense of humor!


My favorite characteristic about myself is that I'm genuine through and through. 


My life choices and experiences were laid out for me to reflect, learn, and grow from


in order for me to pass my wisdom onto you.

I would never have learned who I truly am and what my life purpose is if it wasn't for losing my son. 


It took me a long time to say that.  


I feel his presence on every avenue of this journey with me.

Angel's Rest.jpg

"If something 'resonates' with me I move forward with it and if it doesn't resonate with me, I let it go.  I've discovered this is actually my intuition, and it continues to be my greatest teacher."

Q Shaped Cloud
Q Cloud.jpg
Image by Jessica Knowlden

Let's Talk Spirituality

I am spiritual, not religious, and I know that every single one of us on this planet are on our own path and we are all part of God in the grand scheme of things.  Whether you choose to call God: spirit, source, great mystery, eternal consciousness, life, or you don't know what to believe but you just have a feeling that someone is watching over you, etc..... 

From the get-go, Quinn, showed himself in so many ways after he had left the physical.  So many little signs and then big, huge amazing, unbelievable signs and experiences!  Just scroll back up and look at that beautiful picture of the mountain with the ''Q'' shaped cloud above it.  Yep, that was the first time I asked Quinn for something in the clouds and boy, did he deliver! 


Wouldn't you say? ;-)

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