• Rebecca Lavin

I was finally ready to change where I was at in my life.....

I have been a "know it all" for practically my whole life but didn't know it. Crazy, to think I can admit that now and even crazier to think that I have learned to forgive myself and move on and create a new me.

Then I became the "all talk no action'" type of person. I would read so many self-help books. I would love for people to listen to me and be inspired on how they could bring what I read or what I had learned into their own lifestyle. Reflecting back, I never took any action for myself.

I had a friend reference several times "being stuck in the fishbowl". Swimming round and round, going in circles and ending up at the same place she started. I resonated with that 100%! How many times have I been in the fishbowl? It does not matter but, I can tell you that I know I would have lost count.

It is said that you will keep repeating the same lesson until you learn from it. Hence "being stuck in the fishbowl". I mustarded all my strength from within, asked for guidance, felt scared and excited but decided I had to jump out of that f'n FISHBOWL!

Don’t think this was some miraculous beautiful thing that just took one time and that was it. The fishbowl got smaller over time, and I consistently asked for help (out loud, in my head, wherever I was at) knowing that I was here for a bigger purpose in the grand scheme of things. Then I jumped out and landed on the ground. I looked around. I was so excited and scared (it has brought me to cry tears of joy, relief, and overwhelming sense of gratefulness many times). I wasn't just brave, I was courageous!!!

I look back and there is no way I'm going to jump back in that fishbowl. My bigger purpose right now is serving you as a Wellness Coach. Maybe it's for you, maybe it's not. It might be something you pass on to a friend, a co-worker, relative, etc..... See the ripple effect happening? I love things like that!

Stop and think about how you got somewhere and what circumstances had to happen to lead you to where you're at today. I call them a beautiful miraculous coincidence! No matter how big or small.

Are you "stuck in the fishbowl"? Come learn how to swim in the stream, lake, river, or ocean with me......Why don't ya? :-)

I'll be there right by your side when you jump out of the f'n FISHBOWL!

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