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What Can I Expect to Get Out of Wellness Coaching?

With wellness coaching, you can expect to feel better, which is what all of us really want in the end.  Your mental and emotional well-being will soar.  You will gain an appreciation for your spirit, your soul and everything else in the universe (seen and unseen). You will experience a major shift in your confidence as you go after what you want.  You won't be triggered as much or ride emotional roller coasters that you can't get off.  Expect to have more peace, more certainty, more results, and a life you CHOOSE rather than just settling for "it is what it is" in life.  

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How Can I Be Sure I Will Get Results?

Your results are always up to you, but I’m guessing you haven’t tried doing it with a wellness coach. You aren’t in this alone. It’s completely different to partner with a coach who can fight for your goals when you aren’t your strongest! If you are serious about change, so long as you are all in, you WILL get the results you desire. Your future self will thank you for taking a chance on yourself!

What if I Struggle to Justify Spending Money
On Myself In This Way?

It’s one signal that you are neglecting yourself in some ways. Often women put themselves last on the list, even for spending. There’s some work to do there about how you see yourself and your value. I can help you with that!

Investing in yourself is totally worth it! You are worth it! People spend money all the time on their careers, their continuing education, classes, courses and self-improvement, without batting an eye. The growth and change that you will experience will DEFINITELY benefit and empower you!

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Is Coaching the Same as Counseling or Therapy?

Coaching is a journey of reflection, discovery and self-awareness combined with action and self-motivation.  Coaching is non-advisory, solution focused and designed to move you forward rather than dwelling on the past.  It's a powerful method to help you improve, grow and develop and learn new skills and tools to manage your life more effectively.

Will I Get Emotional Or Tearful?

Coaching can bring up all sorts of emotions and becoming tearful may be a side effect of that, as may becoming angry, frustrated or fearful. But be reassured your sessions take place within a safe space where there is no judgement and no consequences. It can feel really freeing! Eventually, you may come to that realization as well, if you don't already.  Part of your growth and development involves being able to recognize what triggers your emotions and then deal with them in a healthy and positive way.

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Are you going to fix me?

You need to be dedicated to make changes that are needed to undertake the journey.  I can champion you, support you, spur you to greatness, but I can't do the work for you.  And you don't need fixing.  I'm going to help you gently realize you are already enough just as you are.

What Do You Expect From Me As a Client?
  • A commitment to change - just showing up to the sessions is not enough.  You have to commit to yourself to do the work and take responsibility for the outcome of the coaching.

  • A commitment to the session - show up on time, take opportunities when we're together seriously and be present in each session.

  • To be honest - even if it's difficult or uncomfortable because it's in this space that the greatest changes happen.

  • To challenge yourself - you can play it safe sure, but if you really want to grow, then up your game.  You'll be amazed at how small changes make a BIG difference.

  • To have fun - this is your life, your health, your dreams, your journey.  Enjoy it, embrace it and have fun with it.  Not everything will be serious, nor should it.  Plus, I already told you I was funny.  I like laughing, it's good for you!

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