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Wellness Coaching

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I started working out by myself when I was 18 attending community college.  I went in the army when I was 20 and ended up teaching step aerobics classes while stationed in Korea.  Funny thing about that is, I was always so uncoordinated! However, I caught on to teaching exercise really quick.  Instructing / teaching always came so easy to me.  Probably because I loved working out, motivating people and myself, and it just felt good when you were helping people get healthy.

My fitness background consists of lifting weights and attending classes at local gyms, cross fit, hot yoga, cycling, hiking, running, etc..... I have moved on now to having my own gym in my garage.  I miss people though.  I miss working out beside people and that friendly competition with yourself, the clock or the person next to you.

I have tried practically every healthy eating program out there. I have actively pursued researching what my body enjoys and agrees with what I choose to eat.  I have mostly eliminated sugar and flour from my diet.  I very rarely consume dairy or foods that have multiple preservatives and additives in them.  My body responds with getting very sluggish and tired.  So, I listen to her. :-) This took time, patience and consistency and now has become part of my everyday life.

Fitness is 20% Exercise


80% Nutrition

You can't outrun your fork!

Image by Chen Mizrach
Image by Lesly Juarez

The most important

weight loss muscle???


Change your mind, you will change your body!

Ready For a Fresh Start?

My knowledge is a little bit about everything in the health / fitness department. 

Do you need help finding what resonates with you?

Are you looking for different options to help keep you on track?

Do you need a different way to approach things because what you're doing hasn't been working?

A lot of people have been doing the same thing for the last 20 - 30 years because that's all they know how to!

Let me help make you curious, give you hope, have faith in finding that Mind, Body & Spirit Connection! 

30 minutes is all you need to get started!

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