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Hey There.....

My work as an evidential medium is making connections with and delivering messages from people who are no longer living to those who still are.  


I communicate with spirit (loved ones who have crossed over) through the use of telepathy. Spirit impresses on my mind and body with thoughts and feelings that come in the form of "clairs." I mentally "see" (clairvoyance), "hear" (clairaudience), "know"(claircognizance) and/or "feel" (clairsentience) messages from spirits.

Think of me as the one chosen to deliver a message from your loved one/s that wrote the letter, enclosed pictures and addressed the postage to you!

Why Mediumship?

I've always believed in anything and everything.  I don't know why I just have.  


My son, Quinn and I, were involved in a miracle/divine intervention/ unexplained circumstance when he was just right around 2 years old (ask me about it sometime).  


When my mom passed away, I remember the feeling and knowing of her soul/spirit leaving her body and gliding through the whole room and everybody that was gathered around her.  It was the most serene peaceful moment I've ever felt, given the circumstances.  


Then the unexpected happened and my only child left his physical body.  I vowed from that moment on to learn how to communicate with him and that is exactly what I did!  I had a medium reading once (I've had several by this time) and the medium said to me: "Darling, do you know you're a medium?" Wow - right? So, I said to myself: Why not learn mediumship?  I'll never know until I try.  Also, I love learning new things.  That's all she wrote! 


I am humbled to work with spirit to bring love and healing through connecting with your loved ones across the veil.

Image by Jordan Pulmano
Flying eagles in the mountains

How It Works & What to Expect

Visualize a sacred triangle making this beautiful connection.   We have the sitter (you), the medium (me) and spirit (your loved one across the veil).  


I set the intention to connect with spirit.  I relax into opening my heart and raising my vibration along with asking you to do the same. Simultaneously, the spirit world then works to lower its vibration.  I tune into your energy and connect with those in spirit around you. I then ask for my mind to step aside and deliver whatever I am receiving.  


The term 'evidential' meaning something specific that your loved one in spirit will bring through to let you know they are present.


"I met Becca by chance. No coincidence really, in an online course about mediumship. We scheduled to Skype to do a practice reading. When we connected I felt I had met her before...but not sure how.  Becca went first and connected immediately with my son, Nick who died suddenly 5 years ago. 22 years old. My only child. 

She described him  perfectly , and continued to see that he sent me hummingbirds , as he does, and other loving words. “ I am so proud of you mom”

I knew it was him... I would say that to him when he was on earth. 

I could sense her gift, her openness and belief . This “practice “ reading allowed me to feel my son , and comforted me as I struggle to live without him . Allowing myself to open and believe has been so important as I travel  this grief journey...

Becca has helped me feel his love. 

She has a gift. 💔♥️"


"I experienced a truly amazing reading from Becca, filled with beautiful evidence and messages.  I had no doubt she had connected to and was communicating with my Dad who passed 25 years ago. My Dad and I were very close, and Becca so clearly affirmed his still present and very real love for me. This touched my heart deeply. There were two pieces of evidence in particular, in the form of very meaningful shared memories, that absolutely blew me away. One of those shared memories is of my Dad and I dancing together while I am standing on his feet. I have had readings with other mediums and this one was by far the most meaningful and accurate. I highly recommend Becca. You and your loved ones will be treated with great care and compassion and held in love."


"I immediately felt at ease with Becca. I found her to be warm, caring and very kind.  it was as if I were sitting across from a long-time friend having a conversation.

Becca did not have any prior knowledge of me and I did not indicate who I was hoping to connect with.  However, Becca immediately connected with my son and had his personality and mannerisms down to a tee.

Becca, I am most grateful, for the positive and validating experience with you.  Many thanks and much love."

- Fiona, Ireland

"First, I’d like to thank you for the medium reading that you did for me. It truly was transformational. You allowed me to not only connect with my son and grandmother in spirit, you also lifted a veil for me to see areas of my life through different eyes. Your reading pushed me to dive into my healing further and I couldn’t be more appreciative of your gifts and personality. 

The evidential facts that you communicated proved to me that I was, without a doubt, communicating with my son (and grandmother) in the spirit world. From the descriptions of what they looked like physically to the details of what their personalities were like on the earth plan left me in absolute awe! The many personal and detailed validations that came through during our reading brought me a sense of peace and comfort, along with some tears, laughs, and motivation to venture even further on my own spiritual path. 

I highly recommend Becca for any professional service that she offers. On top of her many professional gifts, Becca also can put you at ease upon meeting her."

- Tara R. 

"Rebecca gifted me with an accurate reading regarding my long ago husband.  She was able to describe his clothing,his body type, hair, his love of water and fishing, and saw him petting our big dogs while sitting on the floor.  We had 2 collies.  This is exactly what Rob would have done.  This was clear evidence for me to know who she was communicating with.  She passed a message to me that felt right and touched my heart."

- Melissa

Dear Becca,

I wanted to let you know how moved I was by your reading.  The accuracy of your evidence was striking.  You brought through my old college roommate with so many details that it was undeniable that she was clearly here in the room with me.  I was able to ask questions of her that I have been struggling with for years.  I have much greater peace about her complicated passing thanks to your reading.  The details of her clothes, her appearance, her personality, and  the joyful memories we shared came through with such clarity from your reading, Becca.  Im so grateful for your gifts and the peace I feel around my friends death as a result of the reading. Thank you for your Gifts.

So grateful,

Karen R.

Florence, MA

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